Travel in Miniature

Imagine my joy and excitement when asked to be a guest designer for Alpha Stamps !!!  It is my favorite on-line art resource, not only for supplies, but also inspiration!  My assignment was this adorable mini-steamer trunk and teeny tiny suitcase.  I decided to make a paper doll for the travel theme ensemble.  And the destination?  France. 

Extra-Miniature Steamer Trunk

The mini-steamer trunk is 2 by 2 inches wide and deep by four inches tall.  

Mine contains four functional drawers, a closet area, and a fold down desk.  There is the teeniest latch closure, a handle on top, three hinges on the back, and feet on the bottom. 
Inside, there is plenty of room for all the travel needs.  I created a little bar for hanging up clothes using wood dowel and disc.  The hat box and travel guide has a place as well.  

Inside the desk area, there is a shelf for the scrapbook. Underneath the shelf hangs a pin-up of a ship; and a letter box holds all the outgoing postcards. There is the passport, laying on the desk beside a couple of postcards. 

The miniature ladderback chair (made from a kit) fits perfectly with this steamer trunk desk. 
The collection creates a complete vignette to represent the adventures of traveling.  

This would be ideal as a homecoming gift for a traveler; a store front display for a travel agency; or simply a sweet collection for the curio cabinet or book shelf. 

The paper doll has a removable stand and all other items can be tucked away inside the steamer trunk and suitcase. 
The tiny little suitcase is all of 2 inches by 1 1/2 and 7/8 inches deep!  Of course we will need binoculars, travel guides, and a travel scrapbook.  

If you would like to make your own travel ensemble,  click here for the   supply list.


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