Heart of the Matter

Read the stories and see the processes behind a sample of artworks which hold a deeper meaning for me.

The Book-Art Gift

Journey of the Cabinet

The Art of Making Terrariums

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A story of a mother's love and a daughter's home and how both came together in an art-book.
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How a tall plain cabinet became the centerpiece of a reclaimed art studio and the journey back to making a place for my art.
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When the act of art becomes therapy and the "why" is in the "doing".

Traveling Artist Wagon


Winter Works

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The little vehicle into my journey as a traveling teaching artist. 
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The idea was inspired by the charm of days gone by when personalized attention was given to each customer in shops with artisans operating as a core part of daily life. 
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Lanterns and room boxes- little worlds of wonder. Lights, music, and stories. This photo-link will take you to a preview gallery where  you can link to individual pages on each of the six works featured. Some will give behind the scene tour into art processes.