Winter-Works Gallery Show

Room 6- "The Toy Shop"
Room Box

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  1. The doors swing wide and the top opens back so there is plenty of access to move things around inside.
  2. The Toy Shop
    The Toy Shop
    A magical interactive room box for the child at heart.
  3. The toy soldiers are removable for playtime.
  4. Paper dolls with removable stands and lots of toys provide fun in play or setting up display options.
  5. The toy cupboard is lit inside for visible display.
  6. A removable drawer provides storage for paper dolls, stands, and extra toys.
  7. Classic toys and paper dolls. What fun!
  8. A smaller drawer in the back holds the battery pack. The music box ("White Christmas") is underneath.
  9. The Toy Shop takes me back to a time when play was simple yet full of imagination and creativity.