Winter-Works Gallery Show

Room 1- "Let it Snow" Lantern World

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  1. Let it Snow
    Let it Snow
    For a garden lover as myself, the idea of having a greenhouse oasis of color and life in the heart of a beautiful winter landscape- is having the best of both worlds.
  2. A frozen pond at the foot of the hill.
  3. Warm enough for year-round blooms, the butterflies and birds make themselves at home.
  4. After a brisk walk in the snow, enjoy the bench by the pond, under the lamplight.
  5. Meet the garden fairy who has a golden dragonfly.
  6. A music box inside the top plays "Let it Snow".
  7. Cozy up by the fire among the flowers.
  8. Even without the lights on, this lantern can cheer up a room in the wintertime. This is not just for Christmas. It can be a winter-long treat.