Curiosity #1- A Paper Theater

It is a paper theater. Paper theater dates back to the 19th century in Europe. It has a rather interesting history but I will leave you to your own curiosity to learn more about that.

Summer vacation was just beginning so my mindset was to play. In fact, I wanted the finished piece to remind me to play more this summer since I am on the edge of retirement and need to “let go” of the constrictions of the "responsibility ruled" frame of mind and time. You will see this theme through the work. 

I knew I wanted clowns, a little girl (the child inside me), animals, and the overall feeling of play and freedom. I bought a die-cut chipboard theater kit and other supplies from And between that and my evergrowing collection- I set off and haven't looked back all summer. 

The finished paper theater sits on the shelf behind the work table in my art  studio to remind me to play this summer.

I also wanted to have some visual "trickery". The clown on the right is juggling and as you can see in the close-up photo I used thin wire to glue the balls (beads) into the configuration of the juggled movement. But when you look at it from a normal distance, it is not easy to see the wire so there is an illusion of the balls being suspended in air. 

Another thing I wanted is some sort of interactive components. The arm of the rabbit holding the butterfly is attached with a paper brad so it can go up and down. But what I love best is the dancer below. If you slightly tilt the theater, she can dance and spin. 

Next came a title banner; the back, and wheels. 

And my first curiosity was finished. Below is a photo of it with all the other curiosities I have made since. Some are not quite finished. Others are in the works. I do not see an end in sight. This is fine with me. I have not felt this much freedom in a long long while and it is about time!!!!