Book-Art Processes

I decided to use two cigar boxes for the container of the book.  These would be put together back to back.

First I removed one back to cut in half for the two roof pieces needed.  I also removed the inner edge pieces to use, as will be shown in the following photos.  Then the hinges were removed. New and stronger hardware would be used when I was ready to assemble.  Six wooden blocks formed the structure of the base.
​Decorative papers were glued to the front and back of each door and to the sides of the boxes.  The mixed assortment of hardware was painted to coordinate.  Both interiors needed some spacer pieces to fit the items that would be added.  This was accomplished with the spacers from the cigar boxes and the edge pieces I saved.  Amazingly they were the perfect fit for the book; photo box; and configuration boxes I would use for shadowbox elements.  Once the inside construction was finished it was time to add the hardware.
Next it was time to add the base and roof.  The base was accomplished by gluing the blocks in sets of two at each end and in the middle to the bottom of the double cigar boxes.  Then I used heavy chipboard to cover and underpin the base.  The attic consists of a triangle piece of shelving board cut for the centerpiece of both sides.  This was screwed into place from above and below. Next the two roof sections (that came from the removed back of a box) was attached to the top of the shelving board with wood glue and screws.  Strips of foam core board were used for the attic floor on each side.  All of this was covered with heavy scrapbook paper, except the roof.  That was printed onto card stock from a digital download I purchased. 
One of the main features I wanted this book-box to have was a portrait of the house done in a way to accent the character and simple antique beauty.  I printed the photo on Tim Holtz Idea-ology Kraft Glassine Paper and then set the image with a heat gun, which melts the image into the paper making it permanent.  I had hoped to find an oval frame to put this in and attach to the box but was not able to find the right look.  So I used another digital download and made my own.  I had to add the raised parts of the frame with Glossy Accents.  I mounted that to Grunge Board to add depth to the frame, then did a rub of paint and highlights. 

Now it was time to begin the accessorizing. 

Click on the photos to see the gallery. 

  1. Inside the front, with book.
    Inside the front, with book.
  2. The back of the house box.
    The back of the house box.
  3. Inside the back, with photo box.
    Inside the back, with photo box.
  4. Photo box.
    Photo box.
  5. Detail inside the back.
    Detail inside the back.
  6. Detail attic in back.
    Detail attic in back.
  7. Detail attic in back.
    Detail attic in back.

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